2018 Volleyball Schedule

Date Away Score Home Score Time/Status Links
Aug. 31 Frostburg St.   St. Vincent   2:30 PM
  Bearcat Challenge
  York (Pa.)   Eastern Nazarene   3:00 PM
  NYU Tri-Match
  St. Mary's (Md.)   Geneva   3:00 PM
  Southern Virginia   Randolph   3:00 PM
  24th Annual Cougar Classic
  Dickinson   Penn St.-Harrisburg   3:00 PM
  Susquehanna   Chris. Newport   4:00 PM
  Mary Washington   Keystone   4:00 PM
  York (Pa.)   New York U.   5:00 PM
  NYU Tri-Match
  Penn St.-Altoona   Penn St.-Harrisburg   5:00 PM
  Stevenson   Mary Washington   6:00 PM
  Captains Classic
  Westminster (Pa.)   Frostburg St.   6:30 PM
  Bearcat Challenge
  Salisbury   Chapman   6:30 PM
  Penn St.-Berks   St. Mary's (Md.)   7:00 PM
  Virginia Wesleyan Invitational
  Southern Virginia   Averett   7:00 PM
  Muhlenberg   Chris. Newport   8:00 PM
  Salisbury   La Verne   8:30 PM
  Pacific Coast Classic
Sep. 01 Allegheny   Frostburg St.   10:00 AM
  Saint Vincent Bearcat Challenge
  Penn St.-Harrisburg   Gettysburg   10:00 AM
  Southern Virginia   William Peace   11:00 AM
  Meredith   Penn St.-Harrisburg   12:00 PM
  Battlefield Classic
  Keystone   Chris. Newport   12:00 PM
  Guilford   Southern Virginia   1:00 PM
  St. Mary's (Md.)   Alverno   1:30 PM
  Virginia Wesleyan Invitational
  Muhlenberg   Mary Washington   2:00 PM
  Waynesburg   Frostburg St.   2:00 PM
  Bearcat Challenge
  St. Mary's (Md.)   Va. Wesleyan   3:30 PM
  Stevenson   Chris. Newport   4:00 PM
  Captains Classic
  Susquehanna   Mary Washington   4:00 PM
  Cal Lutheran   Salisbury   5:15 PM
  Pacific Coast Classic
  Salisbury   Pomona-Pitzer   7:30 PM
  Pacific Coast Classic
Sep. 04 Southern Virginia   Emory & Henry   6:30 PM
  Lancaster Bible   St. Mary's (Md.)   7:00 PM
  McDaniel   York (Pa.)   7:00 PM
  Mary Washington   Randolph-Macon   7:00 PM
Sep. 05 Penn St.-Altoona   Frostburg St.   7:00 PM
  Washington College   Salisbury   7:00 PM
  Va. Wesleyan   Mary Washington   7:00 PM
  Marywood   Penn St.-Harrisburg   7:00 PM
Sep. 07 Lewis & Clark   Southern Virginia   1:30 PM
  Chatham   Salisbury   2:00 PM
  Catholic University Tournament
  Wesley   Salisbury   4:00 PM
  Catholic University Tournament
  McDaniel   Mary Washington   5:00 PM
  Thiel   Frostburg St.   6:00 PM
  Golden Eagle Invitational
  Chris. Newport   Juniata   7:00 PM
  Asics Invitational
  Haverford   York (Pa.)   8:00 PM
  Spartan Invitational
  Frostburg St.   Brockport   8:00 PM
Sep. 08 Elizabethtown   York (Pa.)   10:00 AM
  Spartan Invitational
  East. Mennonite   St. Mary's (Md.)   12:00 PM
  Pitt.-Greensburg   Salisbury   12:00 PM
  Catholic University Tournament
  Frostburg St.   Baldwin Wallace   1:00 PM
  Carnegie Mellon   Chris. Newport   2:00 PM
  Salisbury   Catholic   2:00 PM
  Catholic University Guetle Invitational
  Johns Hopkins   York (Pa.)   2:00 PM
  Spartan Invitational
  Potsdam   Frostburg St.   3:00 PM
  Southern Virginia   DeSales   3:00 PM
  Shenandoah   Penn St.-Harrisburg   3:00 PM
  McDaniel   St. Mary's (Md.)   4:00 PM
  Chris. Newport   Wittenberg   4:00 PM
  ASICS Invitational
  Southern Virginia   Washington and Lee   5:30 PM
  Washington and Lee Invitational
Sep. 11 McDaniel   Salisbury   6:00 PM
  Penn St.-Harrisburg   Penn St.-Altoona   7:00 PM
Sep. 12 Wesley   Salisbury   6:00 PM
  Lynchburg   Mary Washington   7:00 PM
  St. Mary's (Md.)   Gallaudet   7:00 PM
  York (Pa.)   Marymount (Va.)   7:00 PM
  Gettysburg   Frostburg St.   7:30 PM
Sep. 14 Mary Washington   Thomas More   2:00 PM
  New Jersey City   St. Mary's (Md.)   3:00 PM
  Chris. Newport   Johnson & Wales (CO)   3:00 PM
  Pikes Peak Challenge
  New Paltz   Penn St.-Harrisburg   4:00 PM
  Catholic   Salisbury   4:00 PM
  Neumann Knights Invitational
  York (Pa.)   DeSales   5:00 PM
  Messiah College Tournament
  Frostburg St.   Kenyon   5:30 PM
  Mary Washington   Hope   6:00 PM
  Mt. Aloysius   Penn St.-Harrisburg   6:00 PM
  Alvernia   St. Mary's (Md.)   7:00 PM
  Lynchburg   Southern Virginia   7:00 PM
  Frostburg St.   Hiram   7:30 PM
  Hiram College Invitational
  Salisbury   Neumann   8:00 PM
  Neumann University Tournament
  Chris. Newport   Colorado Col.   9:00 PM
  2018 Pikes Peak Challenge
Sep. 15 Ithaca   Mary Washington   10:00 AM
  Valley Forge   St. Mary's (Md.)   10:00 AM
  Cabrini   Salisbury   10:00 AM
  Neumann University Tournament
  York (Pa.)   Messiah   11:00 AM
  Messiah College Tournament
  Kalamazoo   Frostburg St.   11:00 AM
  Southern Virginia   Bridgewater (Va.)   11:00 AM
  Penn St.-Harrisburg   Ramapo   11:00 AM
  Moravian   Salisbury   12:00 PM
  Neumann University Tournament
  Ohio Northern   Mary Washington   12:00 PM
  Southern Virginia   Mary Baldwin   1:00 PM
  John Carroll   Frostburg St.   1:00 PM
  Hiram Tournament
  Bard   Penn St.-Harrisburg   1:00 PM
  Covenant   Chris. Newport   1:00 PM
  Hood   St. Mary's (Md.)   2:00 PM
  York (Pa.)   New Rochelle   3:00 PM
  Messiah College Tournament
Sep. 18 St. Mary's (Md.)   Washington College   7:00 PM
  Immaculata   York (Pa.)   7:00 PM
  Youth Night
  Penn St.-Harrisburg   Goucher   7:00 PM
Sep. 19 Chris. Newport   Va. Wesleyan   7:00 PM
  Frostburg St. *   Mary Washington   7:00 PM
Sep. 20 Roanoke   Southern Virginia   7:00 PM
Sep. 21 Messiah   Frostburg St.   5:00 PM
  Hampton Inn River Hawk Classic
  Mary Washington   Kean   6:00 PM
  St. Mary's (Md.)   Goucher   7:00 PM
  Muskingum   Mary Washington   8:00 PM
Sep. 22 Frostburg St.   Rochester (N.Y.)   11:00 AM
  Hampton Inn River Hawk Classic
  St. Mary's (Md.) *   Penn St.-Harrisburg   11:00 AM
  Military Appreciation Game
  York (Pa.) *   Chris. Newport   12:00 PM
  St. Mary's (Md.)   Cheyney   1:00 PM
  Mary Washington   Mount Union   1:00 PM
  Carnegie Mellon DoubleTree Invitational
  Frostburg St.   Susquehanna   1:00 PM
  Hampton Inn River Hawk Classic
  Salisbury *   Southern Virginia   2:00 PM
  Mary Washington   Carnegie Mellon   5:00 PM
Sep. 25 Southern Virginia   Va. Wesleyan   6:30 PM
  Lebanon Valley   Penn St.-Harrisburg   7:00 PM
  St. Mary's (Md.)   Trinity (D.C.)   7:00 PM
Sep. 26 Mary Washington   Marymount (Va.)   6:00 PM
  Randolph   Southern Virginia   7:00 PM
  Va. Wesleyan   Salisbury   7:00 PM
  Penn St.-Berks   York (Pa.)   7:00 PM
  William Peace   Chris. Newport   7:00 PM
Sep. 27 Albright   Penn St.-Harrisburg   7:00 PM
Sep. 28 Chris. Newport *   Frostburg St.   6:00 PM
  Frostburg Quad
Sep. 29 York (Pa.) *   St. Mary's (Md.)   12:00 PM
  St. Mary's Tri-Match
  Chris. Newport   Neumann   1:00 PM
  Southern Virginia *   Mary Washington   1:00 PM
  Chris. Newport   Lebanon Valley   1:00 PM
  Stevenson   York (Pa.)   2:00 PM
  St. Mary's Tri-Match
  Penn St.-Harrisburg *   Salisbury   2:00 PM
  Lebanon Valley   Frostburg St.   3:00 PM
  Frostburg Quad
  Stevenson   St. Mary's (Md.)   4:00 PM
  Neumann   Frostburg St.   5:00 PM
  Frostburg Quad
Oct. 02 Mary Washington   Catholic   6:00 PM
  Southern Virginia   East. Mennonite   7:00 PM
  Bridgewater (Va.)   Chris. Newport   7:00 PM
  St. Mary's (Md.)   Notre Dame (Md.)   7:00 PM
Oct. 03 Penn St.-Harrisburg   Elizabethtown   7:00 PM
  Gettysburg   York (Pa.)   7:00 PM
Oct. 05 St. Mary's (Md.) *   Chris. Newport   5:00 PM
  Marymount (Va.)   Chris. Newport   7:00 PM
  Southern Virginia   Roanoke   7:00 PM
  Frostburg St.   Rowan   7:00 PM
  Rowan Quad
Oct. 06 St. Mary's (Md.)   Messiah   11:00 AM
  Frostburg St.   Scranton   11:00 AM
  Randolph   Chris. Newport   11:00 AM
  St. Mary's (Md.)   Randolph   1:00 PM
  Penn St.-Harrisburg *   Southern Virginia   1:00 PM
  Salisbury   Swarthmore   2:00 PM
  Mary Washington *   York (Pa.)   2:00 PM
  Dig Pink
  Eastern   Frostburg St.   2:00 PM
  Rowan Quad
Oct. 09 Mary Washington   Washington and Lee   7:00 PM
Oct. 10 Frostburg St.   Stevenson   6:00 PM
  Marymount (Va.)   St. Mary's (Md.)   7:00 PM
  Dickinson   York (Pa.)   7:00 PM
Oct. 11 Chris. Newport   Penn St.-Harrisburg   7:00 PM
  Cancer Awareness Game
Oct. 12 Chris. Newport   Catholic   4:00 PM
  St. Mary's (Md.)   Randolph-Macon   5:00 PM
  Lynchburg   Chris. Newport   6:00 PM
  Hood   Penn St.-Harrisburg   7:00 PM
  Lower Dauphin High School
Oct. 13 York (Pa.) *   Frostburg St.   12:00 PM
  Frostburg Tri-Match
  St. Mary's (Md.) *   Southern Virginia   1:00 PM
  Mary Washington *   Salisbury   2:00 PM
  York (Pa.)   Pitt.-Bradford   2:00 PM
  Frostburg Tri-Match
  Pitt.-Bradford   Frostburg St.   4:00 PM
Oct. 17 Frostburg St. *   Southern Virginia   7:00 PM
  St. Mary's (Md.) *   Salisbury   7:00 PM
  York (Pa.) *   Penn St.-Harrisburg   7:00 PM
  Chris. Newport *   Mary Washington   7:00 PM
Oct. 19 Mary Washington   Juniata   3:00 PM
  Wid Guisler Invitational
  Johns Hopkins   Mary Washington   5:00 PM
Oct. 20 Mary Washington   Eastern   11:00 AM
  Frostburg St. *   St. Mary's (Md.)   12:00 PM
  Southern Virginia *   York (Pa.)   12:00 PM
  Salisbury *   Chris. Newport   2:00 PM
  Hood   Southern Virginia   2:00 PM
  Rutgers-Camden   Penn St.-Harrisburg   3:00 PM
  Senior Night
  Hood   York (Pa.)   4:00 PM
Oct. 24 Penn St.-Harrisburg   Frostburg St.   TBA
  Southern Virginia *   Chris. Newport   7:00 PM
  Salisbury *   York (Pa.)   7:00 PM
  Mary Washington *   St. Mary's (Md.)   7:00 PM
Oct. 26 Va. Wesleyan   Chris. Newport   3:00 PM
  Salisbury *   Frostburg St.   6:00 PM
  Frostburg Quad
  Southern Virginia   Lynchburg   6:30 PM
  Berry   Chris. Newport   7:00 PM
  York (Pa.)   Eastern   7:00 PM
  Eastern University Tournament
Oct. 27 St. Mary's (Md.)   Bridgewater (Va.)   10:00 AM
  Clarkson   Salisbury   11:00 AM
  Frostburg Quad
  York (Pa.)   Arcadia   12:00 PM
  Eastern University Tournament
  Averett   Chris. Newport   12:00 PM
  St. Mary's (Md.)   Lebanon Valley   12:00 PM
  Clarkson   Frostburg St.   1:00 PM
  Penn St.-Harrisburg *   Mary Washington   2:00 PM
  York (Pa.)   McDaniel   2:00 PM
  Eastern University Tournament
  Geneseo   Salisbury   3:00 PM
  Frostburg Quad
  Geneseo   Frostburg St.   5:00 PM
  Frostburg Quad-Match
Oct. 30 TBD   Salisbury   TBA
  CAC Quarterfinals
  St. Mary's (Md.) %   CAC Tournament First Round   TBA
  TBA   Mary Washington   7:00 PM
  CAC Tournament First Round
Oct. 31 Southern Virginia %   CAC First Round   TBA
Nov. 01 St. Mary's (Md.) %   CAC Tournament Semifinals   TBA
  TBD   Salisbury   TBA
  CAC Semifinals
  TBA   Mary Washington   7:00 PM
  CAC Tournament Semifinal
Nov. 03 TBD   Salisbury   TBA
  CAC Championship
  St. Mary's (Md.) %   CAC Tournament Final   TBA
  TBA   Mary Washington   TBA
  CAC Tournament Championship
Nov. 08 TBA %   Mary Washington   TBA
  NCAA Tournament 1st Round
Nov. 09 TBA   Mary Washington   TBA
  NCAA Tournament 2nd Round
  TBD   Salisbury   TBA
  NCAA Regionals
Nov. 10 TBD   Salisbury   TBA
  NCAA Regionals
  TBA %   Mary Washington   TBA
  NCAA Tournament 3rd Round
Nov. 11 TBD   Salisbury   TBA
  NCAA Regionals
Nov. 15 TBA %   Mary Washington   TBA
  NCAA Tournament Quarterfinal
Nov. 16 TBA %   Mary Washington   TBA
  NCAA Tournament Semifinal
  TBD   Salisbury   TBA
  NCAA Nationals
Nov. 17 TBA %   Mary Washington   TBA
  NCAA Tournament Championship
  TBD   Salisbury   TBA
  NCAA Nationals
Nov. 18 TBD   Salisbury   TBA
  NCAA Nationals
* Conference
% Post season