Ashley Royer, Wesley, Softball, Sophomore
Ashley Royer, Wesley, Softball, Sophomore

Wesley softball utility player Ashley Royer is a sophomore majoring in law and justice. Away from the softball diamond, she is a huge fan of the beach and The Beatles. Royer and the Wolverines are off to a strong start to the 2017 season, as she earned both CAC and NFCA National Player of the Week honors last week in leading the squad to a 4-0 start. Royer and the Wolverines continue their season next week in Myrtle Beach on spring break. INTRODUCING ... Ashley Royer

Briefly, what is your background in the sport you play?  

I’ve been playing softball since I was nine years old, so for about 11 years. Throughout my years of playing, I’ve learned and can play about any position besides pitching and first base. I played travel ball from 12U all the way to 18U, played all four years of high school, and now I am playing my second year of college softball.

What is your major in college, and what is the most important thing you learned in that discipline?  

I am a law and justice major and the most important thing I’ve learned is that everyone should be knowledgeable about the law because crimes happen every day and everyone should know their rights.

What is your favorite spot on campus? 

My favorite spot on campus would be the Den because it’s a great place to hang out with my friends and grab some food.

Outside of your home and campus, where is your favorite place visit?    

The beach is probably my favorite place to visit because the weather is always great, it’s a stress reliever, and I can have a fun time with my friends!

Briefly describe the most memorable experience during your collegiate athletic career. 

My most memorable experience was my freshman year when I hit a walk-off RBI triple and won the game against Mary Washington (on March 26, 2016).

Other than your family members, who was the most influential person in your life ?  

Dave Sharp, a former softball coach, would be the most influential person in my life because without him, I would not be playing softball today. When I was younger, I wanted to quit softball because I was playing with the older girls and it was intimidating, but he told me not to give up and quit when things got tough. I give him all my thanks to where I am today.

What is the most important societal issue facing college students?

I believe the most important issue that college students are facing is debt. Tuition continues to rise every year and college keeps getting more and more expensive. Students are having a hard time staying in college because of the debt and taking out student loans. Many students in this generation will be in debt from school for most of their lives.

If you could change any one item in the world (in your personal life, school, community, amateur or professional sports, national/international issue, etc.), what would it be, why, and how would you do it?  

I would change the pay for professional sport players because they get paid way too much money in my opinion. I believe people that earn a degree and depending on the degree, should earn more money than professional sports player. I would start the pay at a salary that can be lived off of and increase it each year.

What is your favorite form of entertainment? 

My favorite form of entertainment is music because there is a variety of genres to listen to, it’s always a great stress reliever, and I love to sing along, especially The Beatles!

If you could give one piece of advice to elementary school children, what would that advice be? 

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes and it’s what we learn from. Learn to be okay with the mistakes you make and allow them to help you succeed! Don’t let mistakes affect your confidence and define who you are.

Outside of the CAC, who or what is your favorite sports person or team?  

My favorite sports team would have to be Penn State because I live in Pennsylvania and growing up I’ve always been a fan of the school and the football team. It was always a dream to be able to play softball at Penn State.

Name three (3) people, real or fictional, living or dead, that you'd like to have dinner with?  

If I could have dinner with three people, I would pick John Lennon, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney. If I could have a fourth, I’d include Ringo Starr because these four men make up The Beatles. I chose those three because I love the Beatles and their music. I’d want to know where they got their ideas for their songs and what life was like back in the 1960’s.