Katherine Lambert, Mary Washington, Women's Lacrosse, Junior
Katherine Lambert, Mary Washington, Women's Lacrosse, Junior

Mary Washington women's lacrosse junior Katherine Lambert is a biology major and future dentist who can be found at the Hurley Convergence Center studying weeks in advance of her science classes. Outside of campus, Lambert can be found on the beach, riding her horses, watching Netflix, or following her beloved Patriots. Lambert and the Eagles open up the 2017 season tomorrow with a home non-conference contest against Meredith. INTRODUCING … Katherine Lambert.

Briefly, what is your background in the sport you play?

My lacrosse career only began in high school. As a freshman, I played basketball and ran cross country and did not do a spring sport, but I heard the lacrosse team were state champions so I figured I would try it out by playing on the "freshman" team.  No one else in my family had played, but everyone began to love watching it.  I joined a club team sophomore year and the rest is history!  Luckily, I am a decent runner so that helped me excel in the sport quickly even when my skills were a little behind throughout the beginning of high school.  Lots of hard work helped me catch up to those who had been playing for much longer, and now here I am playing in college.

What is your major in college, and what is the most important thing you learned in that discipline? 

I am a Biology major in the Pre-Dental program.  One thing I have learned as a biology/pre-dental student is that you can never study too far in advance.  As a student-athlete, large chunks of your day are occupied by practices, team meetings and strength and conditioning, so studying for tests even two weeks in advance is the best way I have learned to succeed in the classroom.  There is always so much work or studying to be done, so doing it weeks in advance has improved my stress level and my grades.

What is your favorite spot on campus? 

My favorite spot on campus is hands down the Hurley Convergence Center.  It is where all my classmates in my science classes go to study so I know when I am in there doing work, if I ever have a question, someone will be there to talk it over with.  It is open 24 hours a day so I can stay there as long as I need during the night and not worry about being interrupted to leave.

Outside of your home and campus, where is your favorite place visit? 

My family has a beach house in Oak Island, NC and I love to visit in the summer any chance I can. 

Other than your team, what organization (s) do you participate in (on campus or off campus)?  

As I said, I am part of the Pre-Dental program so I participate in that club on campus.  I also volunteer at the Lloyd Moss Free Clinic as a dental assistant once a week during the school year.  Off campus, I own two horses, one of which I keep near Charlottesville, VA and get out to ride two or three times a week.  I have always heavily competed them until college which runs right through the show season, but my coach down here in VA keeps him tuned up and competing so when summer comes I can pick up where I left off.

Briefly describe the most memorable experience during your collegiate athletic career.

Walking onto the field at Trinity for the NCAA Tournament was a memorable experience for me.  Growing up in New England, the NESCAC schools were constantly talked about among the lacrosse community because of their highly competitive and successful programs. The fact that I was on a team nationally ranked and competing in the NCAA Tournament was a goal I had always hoped to achieve, but was not sure I would get there. 

Other than your family members, who was the most influential person in your life?  

One of the most influential people I have met in my life is my high school lacrosse coach Amanda Rogers.  I would not be where I am today without her; that may sound cheesy, but it is completely true.  Mandy also picked up lacrosse in high school and then went on to play at Boston University.  She had so much confidence in my ability as a player and urged me to try out for the club team I was too intimidated to try out for. Playing in college was not in my plans whatsoever, until she suggested it and urged me to pursue it.  One of my best memories was at the State Championship semi-finals, only two years after I started playing.  I was lining up to take a free position shot, when I took a breath and thought "Holy cow, how did I get here so fast?"  It was all thanks to coaching and confidence given to me from Mandy.  I still hold onto that confidence she instilled in me as a player and person today.

If you could change any one item in the world (in your personal life, school, community, amateur or professional sports, national/international issue, etc.), what would it be, why, and how would you do it?

I would make quality healthcare accessible to all people.  When I become a dentist, I want to offer services to people who need dental work done and don't have access to dental insurance.  Whether it be by volunteering my time at a free-clinic, or accepting Medicaid patients at my office (which most private practice dentists do not).  I will not be able to directly make an impact in the medical world, but hopefully can set a good example in my dental practice. 

What is your favorite form of entertainment? 

Netflix for sure.  I finished 11 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in one semester...

If you could give one piece of advice to elementary school children, what would that advice be?

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. (Not my quote, but it's my favorite piece of advice!)

Outside of the CAC, who or what is your favorite sports person or team?  

The New England Patriots are my favorite team.  I have lived in New England forever so I have grown up with Tom Brady!

Name three (3) people, real or fictional, living or dead, that you'd like to have dinner with?

Marie McCool-UNC women's lacrosse midfielder.  She is so fast and such an amazing midfield player, I would want to learn how she trains so I could play like her!

Coach K- The men's basketball coach at Duke.  He is such a great coach and produces a great team year after year.  I have been a Duke fan forever so I would love to meet him.

Cristina Yang- The best doctor on Grey's Anatomy; she is talented, smart, and funny and I want to meet her!